Current status of LED industry development

Date:Oct 15, 2016

China's LED industry has just started, many companies rely on foreign core technology to produce finished products for export stage, nearly Qi Cheng's LED products are sold abroad. Especially small businesses, in the face of menacing economic shocks, export channels are seriously blocked, and domestic seems to have not prepared to accept this emerging industry. According to the Qingdao led lights, the current LED technology is also mainly used in displays, decorations, its technology expansion to the home phase also needs 10 years.

Although the pressure both at home and abroad, but the LED lighting market is not hopeless to pick up. With the country's attention to energy saving, LED energy saving, long life, green and other advantages will become the new darling of the Chinese market. Experts predict that the next 8-10 years, China's LED lighting penetration rate will reach 80%. But the warning that the emerging industries can not blindly follow the trend, the proliferation of investment, or will lead to the scourge of excess capacity.

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