LED lamp applications

Date:Oct 15, 2016

LED luminous color and luminous efficiency and production of LED materials and processes related to the current widely used red, green and blue. As the LED operating voltage is low (only 1.5-3V), can take the initiative to light and have a certain brightness, brightness and voltage (or current) regulation itself is resistant to shock, vibration, long life (100,000 hours), so large Of the display device, there is no other display and LED display match.

Put the red and green LED together as a pixel produced by the screen called the dual color screen or pseudo-color screen; the red, green and blue LED tube together as a pixel screen called the three primary color screen or the whole Color screen. Production of indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 2-10 mm, often used to produce several different colors of the LED die package into one, outdoor LED screen pixel size of 12-26 mm, each pixel by a number A variety of monochrome LED composition, the common finished product called pixel tube or pixel module.

LED display If you want to display the image, you need to constitute the pixels of each LED's brightness must be able to adjust the adjustment, the degree of fine adjustment is the gray scale display. The higher the grayscale, the more detailed the displayed image, the richer the color, and the more complicated the display control system. In the current technology level, 256 gray-scale images, color transition has been very soft, image restoration effect is satisfactory.

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