LED lamps and the correct use of

Date:Oct 15, 2016

Over-current protection is to protect the LED series resistance to work and stability, therefore, to take the right LED over-current protection is necessary and important.

These are just some of the conventional methods of using the LED correctly, more correct use of the LED category has not been mentioned, such as the correct welding method.

1, 2 mm from the colloid to be bent bracket.

2, the stent must be formed with a fixture or by professionals to complete.

3, stent forming must be completed before welding.

4, stent forming to ensure that the pin and the pitch and the circuit board.

LED pin molding on the general understanding, we can find some use of LED, in the package need to pay attention to the problem.

Because of the design need to bend legs and cut legs, in the LED bend legs and cut legs, bent feet and cut feet from the colloid bottom position is greater than 3mm.

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