LED lighting and energy-saving lamps say positive confrontation

Date:Oct 15, 2016

In accordance with national quality standards related to energy-saving lamps, a high-quality energy-saving light lamp life should reach an average of 6000 hours. For example, the new spiral energy-saving lamps that they have developed can reach 10,000 hours (about 1 year), and the brightness of the light is reduced by only 30% after 10,000 hours of use.

Regular manufacturers of LED lamp theoretical life is generally about 80,000 hours (about 9 years), data show that high-quality LED after 50,000 hours of continuous operation, but also to maintain the initial brightness of 60% or more. In fact, this is only in the laboratory constant temperature, humidity, constant current conditions under the half-life (light attenuation half of the time), and not all of the LED life is very long, but also the life of the LED lights up to 100,000 hours, , But not impossible to damage. LED products to go through the MOCVO (metal organic chemical vapor deposition process) growth epitaxial wafers, and then through the thinning, segmentation, solid crystal, wire, package long roasted, detection, spectral separation and a series of processes, each process are Determine the length of LED life. More importantly, the life of the drive power and LED chips to minimize the heat generated by the impact of LED lighting is an important factor in the service life.

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