LED lighting: intelligent become a trend

Date:Oct 15, 2016

LED flat lighting is generally used for office, commercial, business and other places, high brightness, uniform light, beautiful, energy saving and environmental protection. LED lighting and traditional lighting, the spot evenly no dark areas, soft light and no glare, can be used as a large area lighting the preferred lighting area; light weight, uniform heat distribution, heat dissipation, product life easier to be guaranteed ; And auxiliary lighting used in common, can achieve a good light level with the effect. According to Ma Han-yong, with the technical progress and cost reduction, LED office lighting a large number of incandescent and fluorescent lamps will be replaced in 2012, and in 2020 reached its peak.

In this regard, the China Illuminating Engineering Society of Professional Committee of Interior Lighting Honorary Director of the national lighting lighting standard technical committee vice director Ren Yuanhui also believes that the intelligent control system LED applications to office buildings and other high-rise stairs and aisle lighting, will be able to give full play to the LED Energy-saving advantages, to achieve "on-demand lighting" concept, played "people to light, people Chandeng dark" dimming effect, to achieve good energy saving effect. And further pointed out that, LED into the office lighting market should first choose the breakthrough point, that is the first choice in the LED most advantages, and the existing light source and the relative disadvantage of the site or application. These places and places include: staircase, etc. need to install energy-saving self-extinguishing switch (infrared sensor, movement, light perception control), the use of incandescent places, such as the extensive use of LED replacement, can clearly show energy saving effect.

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