LED lighting of the three cooling methods

Date:Oct 15, 2016

Many people think that LED lights are not very hot, do not need special cooling system. In fact, this is wrong. Qingdao led lights to understand LED lighting There are three cooling methods:

The first: conventional cooling methods. This conventional way is to use our often used to guide the heat sink to the LED light emitting heat. But as it is used in ordinary thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity so general performance, this LED spotlight heat is not so to the force.

The second: liquid thermal conductivity. This is a semiconductor research institute in Guangdong Province, not long out of a cooling method. This approach to solve the LED light high-power small-size LED heat dissipation problem has a very large contribution.

The third: heat pipe with a heat pipe. This heat pipe to the LED light cooling method is similar to our computer CPU cooling. But this LED's size will become larger, more cumbersome.

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