LED packaging technology four development trends

Date:Oct 15, 2016

LED packaging technology is mainly to the high luminous efficiency, high reliability, high heat capacity and thin the four directions, the main highlights are: silicon-based LED, COB packaging technology, flip chip LED chip package, high-voltage LED. And through the 2012 Shanghai International New Light New Energy Lighting Exhibition and Forum) the authoritative, professional and international exchange platform presented to the industry.

Silicon-based LED has attracted more and more attention in the industry because it is more powerful than the traditional sapphire base LED, so the power can be bigger, Cree is focusing on the development of silicon-based LED, it currently exists The main problem is the low yield, resulting in high costs.

COB light source production costs are relatively low, the cooling function is obvious, and has a high density and high optical density packaging characteristics, easy to individual design, is the future direction of the development of one of the package.

Qingdao LED lights to understand the current problem is that COB in an optical lens to reduce the multiple refraction caused by the light loss, so the light efficiency and heat energy increase has yet to be improved, the substrate production yield to be improved.

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