Locomotive Light

Date:Aug 19, 2019

There are 2 types of Train lights: locomotive lights and carriage lights.

Locomotive Head light

Locomotive lights Include headlights, marker lights and interior lights.

 (1)Locomotive headlight, also known as headlamp. The front and rear of the locomotive are equipped with one, which is similar to the searchlight in the shape and function . The light source uses the ultra-high pressure spherical mercury xenon lamp with the power of 500W or 1000W. The power supply voltage is 50-110V DC, and the trigger must be used to start the operation. 

(2) Marker lights. Used to indicate the direction of locomotive running and the type of running line. It include head marker light and rear marker light.The former is mounted on both sides of the head of the locomotive, and the latter is mounted on both sides of the rear of the locomotive (referring to the asymmetric locomotive). The light source is 60-200W incandescent lamp.

Carriage lights

Carriage Lights Include various lamps used in the carriage, such as ceiling lamp, wall lamp, mirror headlamp and tail side lamp, etc.

(1)The ceiling lamp. Installed on the roof of the passenger room, passageway and corridor inside the carriage, it is the main lamp type of the carriage lighting. 

(2) Tail side lamp. Installed on the rear outer side of the locomotive to indicate the direction of the train. All countries adopts uniform soft and glare-free lighting mode and use diffuse lamps to make the locomotive have enough illumination and uniformity. The sleeping carriage is arranged according to the room, and the seat carriage is illuminated by single or double light bands. Light sources use 15W, 20W or 40W fluorescent lamps, and some use 110W straight tube fluorescent lamps or ring, U-shaped fluorescent lamps. The lamp in the carriage should have flexible and convenient opening structure and good airtightness. Its shape include rectangular and circular type.


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