The Advantage And Disadvantage of LED Headlamp

Date:Sep 30, 2018

LED headlights are light-emitting diodes. Its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, solidified with silver glue or white glue to the bracket, then with silver or gold wire to connect the chip and circuit board, and then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, to protect the internal core wire, and finally install the shell, so the LED lamp anti-shake performance is good.

The advantages of LED headlights are:

1, long life, usually up to tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand hours. Some people believe that if future automotive lighting uses LED, the whole life of the car will not need to change lamps.

2, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED lamp is 1/20 of halogen lamp.

3,light beam with high quality, environmentally friendly products basically no radiation, "green" light source.

4. The structure of LED is simple, the inner support structure is enclosed with transparent epoxy resin, and the anti-shake performance is good.

5. Lightened without delay, fast response to light (nanosecond), suitable for fast moving objects.

5. Lighting without delay, fast response to light (nanosecond), suitable for fast moving objects.

6. Suitable for low-voltage operation, LED can be lighted by only 12 V DC voltage, and no longer need to worry about more than 20,000 voltages like HID light.

7. LED occupies small volume, and designers can change the mode of lamps at will, so that the shape of cars headlight is diversified. Automobile manufacturers like LED headlight, which is decided by the advantages of LED itself.


LED headlights disadvantages:

1, the cost is high, a good LED headlight needs enough material, the lamp usually used import chip. The lamp body material, fan and driver will affect the heat dissipation effect.

2, in the past, LED automobile headlamps were difficult to popularize, because of poor heat dissipation and lumens decay. it will effect the lifespan of vehicle lights. So when choosing LED headlights, it needs to be carefully considered.

3, there is no industry standard now, and the quality of products is uneven.

4. Designing of Light-Beam is a little difficult; at present, the market is full with two-sided beam. If light-beam designing is not good,the it will be the same as HID light when used as High-light.

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