The advantages and disadvantages of HID heallamp (Xenon headlamp)

Date:Sep 30, 2018

      Xenon headlights refer to high pressure gas discharge lamps. Xenon lamp is a heavy metal lamp. It can protect automotive power supply by filling a variety of chemical gases, such as xenon, in the anti-ultraviolet crystal quartz glass tube, and then increasing the triggered voltage to 23000 volts instantaneously through a supercharger. It can also make the luminous of lamps stable and improve the using efficiency of automotive headlamp. This is the xenon headlamp.

The advantages of xenon headlights are:

1, brightness is higher than halogen lamp by more than 300%.

2, the structure without tungsten filament also makes life longer than halogen lamp.

3, more energy saving and environmental protection than halogen lamps, and power saved by more than 40%.

4. If there is a failure in using, xenon will not be extinguished instantly, but will gradually darken until extinguished. This allows dirvers to have enough time to cope with headlights failure.


Disadvantages of xenon headlamps:

1, poor concentrating, and because of too bright, it is easy to shine the driver of the opposite vehicle, resulting in accidents. But now the xenon headlights are basically equipped with lenses, so this problem can be solved. But as far as I know, accord's xenon headlights are not equipped with lenses.

2, the penetration power is too poor, in the fog and snow weather, xenon headlamp penetration is very weak.

3, the delayed effect. Because of the working principle of the xenon headlight, it needs 2-4s duration to lighten it. At high speeds, horns are often useless, so headlights are needed to "shake" the vehicle ahead, and it is entirely impossible to rely on xenon headlights. So some manufacturers use this as an interface, and xenon is used for near light, while halogen is still used for high light.

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