Truck Vehicle Tail light

Date:Jun 19, 2017

Truck Tail Light Rear Lamp


The tail lamp has multiple meanings: 

1. Tail light are usually red and mounted at the rear of a vehicle.It usually used as warning function to the cars behind the vehicle. 

2.Rear lamp also means the lights that are installed on the rear of the vehicle.


(1) [rear lamp/tail lamp]: this light is usually installed in the rear of the vehicle, the main color is red which is used as warning light to the cars and trucks behind. Also,theamber tail light are used to indicate the direction.and there is also a white reverse lamp which is used as auxiliary observation function. In accordance with the form, the tail light includes independent tail light,combined tail light and composite tail light.

(2) [position lamp/]: the ship tail light refers to the white light placed close to the stern.It shows an continuous light beam in a horizontal arc within 135 degrees . 

(3)[reverse lamp]:The light which is mounted on the rear of a car. When the car is reversing or going backup, it is on and make the road behind the car bright and to be seen. It is usually 12V or 24V.

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