What Lights Are Required for A US Trailer

Date:Jan 07, 2018


                                      What Lights Are Required for A US Trailer

     According to The United States Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requirements, a us trailer must equiped with the following lights:

  1. Trailer Rear Lights: Including tail lights,reflex reflectors,brake lights and turn signals.

   (1)Trailer tail lights and reflex reflectors: used as indicators of trailer's presence and width

   (2)Trailer brake lights:used to indicate the trailer's stopping or slowing down.

   (3)Trailer turn signal lights:used to inform that the trailer is going to turn in which direction.

All of these lights should be red, except for rear turn signals that can be either red or yellow. And all the rear lights will be installed symmetrically on each side of the trailer and as far apart as possible.



   2.license plate lamp (white)

   The license number plate lamp is mounted above the license plate or at its sides. One trailer must be equipped with at least one license number plate lamp.

  3.Side Lighting: Used to indicate the length and presence of the trailer. It includes rear side marker lights and reflectors and front side marker lights with reflectors.

     (1)Rear side marker light:For one trailer,there must be at least two rear side marker lights and reflectors installed on each side of the trailer as far back as possible. and the color must be red.

     (2)front side marker light:The color of the front side marker light is yellow.It is also with a reflector.

The front side marker light must be mounted at front of the trailer and be as far forward as possible.

4.Additional lights for big trailers.

  (1)If your trailer length is more than 30 feet,at least a pair of yellow intermediate side marker lamps must be installed to indicate the length.

 (2)If the trailer width is more than 80 inches,then three identification (ID) lights must be installed on rear centered top and two clearance lights must be installed at the widest point as high as possible on the rear.these lights must be red color.  And also a pair of yellow clearance lights must be installed at the widest point at the top at the front of the trailer.

 (3)If the trailer's gross vehicle weight rating is more than 10000 lb,then a set of additional lighting is required.



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