Why Do Large Trucks Have To Install Bright Side Rear Lights

Date:Jul 02, 2017

         Friends who always drive in the night has the most experience that they may encounter a large truck in front of their car whose both sides has installed bright rear lights.Its beam is very dazzling.When they want to overtake the slow truck,they just can not see the road because of the dazzling light.So they can just keep going behind the truck with very slow speed for a long time.

They make have a question that normally the truck lights are used for illuminating the road ahead, but why this side rear light illuminate road behind.


In fact, this side rear light on both sides of the truck body is installed by the truck owner illegally just for turning and reversing conveniently.The trucks are without these lights when they are out of the factory. It is a big security risk because the car behind it just can not see the road by seeing the dazzling light.


        The bright side rear lights are used as reverse light or backup lamp,side marker light,clearance light when the truck are reversing or goes on the mountain road or bent road. Sometimes the driver forgets to turn off the light and affect the vehicles behind.


        Although with some safety risk, the truck side rear lights have some advantages.First,Large trucks always go with long distance.Some times the tail light is broken or be blocked by the soil or dust.At this time, the vehicle behind the truck can judge the width and length of the truck accurately by seeing the side rear light. It just be used as truck tail light and side marker light now and can avoid the accident.


Second,the side rear light can be used to be anti-theft.The body of the truck is too large, if driving slowly,it is easy for the thief to steal the products on the truck. But with this rear light,the driver of the truck can see clearly what happened on the truck. 


The third advantage is that the side rear light can be used as warning light when the truck is reversing or turning.To avoid the vehicle behind hit the truck body.

       Sometimes,this rear side light can be replaced by led side marker light or stalk light which is not so bright.

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