63w Best Yellow Automotive Led Work Lights

63w Best Yellow Automotive Led Work Lights

Part NO:WKF2-63
1.LED power:63W
2.operating volt:9-32V
3.LED chips:3wx21pcs Epistar LEDs
4.Color temperature:6000K
5.Light output:about5670 lumen
6.beam:spot/flood beam
8.LENs:PMMA lens
9.Mounting bracket:stainless steel
10.housing material:Die-cast aluminum alloy
11.Life span:above 30000 Hours

                                  63w Best Yellow Automotive Led Work Lights

Product description

1. Super energy saving: 60% lower than normal energy consumption (low energy consumption means low fuel consumption).

2, high brightness: brightness is 3 times that of halogen lamps

3, long life: more than 30,000 hours of super long lighting time, long life

4, a wide range of applications: can be used for front fog lights, driving lights;can also be used for work lights, engineering lights;can also be used for auxiliary lights, reversing lights.

5, the shell material is alloy material, easy to install, waterproof and shockproof are very good. This light shape is a super white light, almost as bright as white

Pictures of product

YC030-Super-Bright-63w-6800lm-Round-Shape (2).jpg

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