China LED Lighting Will Be Out Of The Domestic World

China LED Lighting Will Be Out Of The Domestic World

Date:Oct 15, 2016

Although the domestic LED industry investment and capacity expansion continues to accelerate, LED lighting manufacturers more than 3000, but 70% of them concentrated in the downstream application integration links, the lack of upstream core technology. And due to the size of the enterprise is generally small and the lack of standards, product quality varies. Compared with foreign enterprises, domestic LED lighting companies in many areas there is still a big gap. How to effectively enhance the core competitiveness of domestic LED lighting enterprises to actively participate in the global competition, is an urgent need to consider.

LED street lamp is a symbol of LED lighting products, the scientific and technological content of its products marked the advanced nature of LED lighting products and core competitiveness of its leading international product marks the field of emerging industries the right to speak and the future international and domestic market share .

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