LED Lighting Industry At This Stage In Good Condition

LED Lighting Industry At This Stage In Good Condition

Date:Oct 15, 2016

"Some people look around, lost in life; some people understand the details of the experience, quietly enjoy the beautiful, secular world is stable, quiet years, bright sunny place, now so good." Recently, The theme of "now so good" triggered the hot friends, look back at the LED lighting industry (LED lights), LED lighting industry at this stage in good condition.

With the elimination of incandescent, was "Teng" out of the market for energy-saving lamps and LED lights to bring a huge space for development, and energy-saving lamps because of mercury pollution, this difficult to solve the development of obstructions, LED lights by the industry High hopes.

The Ministry of Science and Technology recently released "semiconductor lighting technology development," second five "special plan (draft)," proposed in 2015, the semiconductor lighting industry scale reached 500 billion yuan of specific targets.

In February, the Development and Reform Commission, Central Capital and the Ministry of Finance by the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Science and High-tech Division jointly entrusted China Electronics Import and Export Corporation in 2012 to promote financial subsidies LED lighting product promotion. Plus May, the State Council executive meeting adopted the "national basic public service system" second five "plan". The meeting decided to arrange 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights.

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