Some Thoughts On The Current Situation Of LED Industry Standard

Some Thoughts On The Current Situation Of LED Industry Standard

Date:Oct 15, 2016

First, standards should be based on relatively mature products or technologies. At present, the domestic semiconductor lighting industry, some aspects of the technical standards seem to lack, but in fact because some of the technology and products have not yet completely stereotypes, if eager to develop standards to limit future product development and technology development. Therefore, we can give priority to the introduction of technical terms, test methods, represented by the basic common norms and standards in order to regulate the market, the end of the disorderly competition.

Second, standard-setting bodies at all levels should be encouraged to coordinate and promote the standardization of semiconductor lighting. Standard system, including national standards, industry standards, industry standards and corporate standards, the four are complementary. The introduction of local standards for the establishment of national standards have laid a good foundation, enterprise standards, local standards are an important part of the national standard system. Such as enterprise standards, specific to the specific characteristics of the enterprise product standards, national and local standards of specific refinement and embodiment. Therefore, the development of enterprises and local standards should be more detailed, enterprise standards should generally be higher than the national standard. As part of the strategic layout of the future, the strength of enterprises should be in the development of technology and product strength at the same time, through the establishment of their own enterprise standards to drive and enhance the national standard.

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