Users How To Choose LED Spotlights

Users How To Choose LED Spotlights

Date:Oct 15, 2016

LED lights in accordance with the voltage points, a low-voltage LED lighting and high-pressure LED lighting two categories. General users should choose low-voltage low-voltage LED spotlights, because the life of such LED spotlights will be higher, while the light effect will be preferred.

LED lighting effects of light and power factor, if the power factor is greater, then the LED light effect will be better. The general market to sell LED lighting power factor for more than 0.5 from top to bottom, the price is cheaper, for most users is still good value for money. Some very good LED lighting effect, although their power factor up to 0.99, but the high price of LED lighting, not so suitable for ordinary users.

LED lights in use, will distribute heat, so users buy LED lighting (Qingdao led lights) when the best selection of high quality LED lighting.

Users in the selection, LED lighting lamp beads should also choose good quality, because the LED lamp beads replacement is a very troublesome thing.

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