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          We inspected every product that would come out of the factory. It include photometric performance test, light color test, anti- vibration test, high low temperature test,leak-proof test,Lumens and distance test,thermal test,etc.Each test has a professional person responsible for it.

                                              The Quality Differences Between Other Company and IDUN Lighting

LED Truck/Trailer Lights

                                          IDUN Lights

                      Other Company


Strictly Photometric Characteristics design and test,and parameters meet the standard of DOT and Emark

No photometric Characteristics design and test,can not meet the standards of DOT and Emark.Illegal to sell on North America and Europe 1111.jpg

World first range piranha led(most are copper support ) is used in the light.Best heat transferring.Longer lifespan.

Normal SMD or Strawhat LED.Heat transfer is not so good.Shorter lifespan. 2222.jpg

 High brightness

 Low brightness


New PC material lens and housing .best gloss and providing a much more impact resistant construction

Lens and housing are made by normal plastic or recycle plastic.color with no gloss and worse impact resistance.

5.jpg lens and housing are bonded together through ultrasonic welding.making the light much more impervious to moisture and corrosives.Providing waterproof  Ip68.

lens-housing are sealed by glue.when times goes,the glue will discolor and be smelly.the light will become hard and brittle which makes the light corrosion crack.There will be foggy inside the light


Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.Especially to protect the led chip and other eletronic element from destory by the vibration of the moving truck

Electronics exposed in the air,can not resist corrosion and moisture.the led chip and other eletronic element is easy to be loosed or destroyed by the vibration of the moving truck


Constant current design,and greatly reduces the risk of LED burning out when temperature inside the light changes.and increases the lifespan of the light 

Non constant current design. the LED is easily to burn out and the lifespan of the light is shortened.