2.5 Inch Round Piranha LED 3 or 6 Diodes Truck Trailer Side Marker Clearance Lights

Part NO:R25
(1)DOT/SAE, Emark certification
(2)3,4,6 best quality piranha leds
(3)Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion & moisture
(4)PC lens and housing.High quality piranha LEDs
(5)wave-soldering sealed
(6)18 months warranty

     2.5 Inch Round Piranha LED 3 or 6 Diodes Truck Trailer Side Marker Clearance Lights

Technical data

(1)2.5" 3 LED Round Led Truck Light, Led Marker Light, Side Marker Light, cab roof marker light.

(2)Side marker and clearance light, serves as clearance, side marker or identification light, turn singal light.

(3)Compatibility: 12V,24V trucks, trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer, travel trailer, camper, RV, motorhome etc.

(4)You can use them on any applications: left right front rear Top Roof Truck Bed

(5)Size : 2.5 inch; 2 Wires(with plug)Connection: Black is the negative and red is the positive.

(6)Each 2.5" round LED clearance light provides Wide Angle visibility, alerting other drivers to your presence.

(7)The waterproof IP67 rated LED side markers are fully capable of being submersible. This makes the clearance light ideal for boat trailers that launch and pick up watercraft into the water.

(8)Universal Fits. You can use it on tractor, trailer, truck, or any other large vehicles as well as the hole dimension fits.  Universal for 12V 24V Vehicles esp. truck trailer. You can use it anywhere on vehicles

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                                                                              Note:1.Green and Blue color is on request,but is not included in the table. 

                                                                                       2.You can also select 12v or 24v instead of 10-30v.

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