2 Inch Round Piranha LED 3 Diodes Truck Trailer Side Marker Clearance Lights

Part NO. R20
(1)DOT/SAE, Emark certification
(2)3,4,6 chips
(3)Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion & moisture
(4)PC lens and housing.High quality piranha LEDs
(5)wave-soldering sealed

  2 Inch Round Piranha LED 3 Diodes Truck Trailer Side Marker Clearance Lights

Technical data

(1)Shape: Round

(2)Dimension: Diameter 2”
(3)Number Diodes: 3

(4) LED Type: High quality Superflux led(Piranha led).
(5)Mounting type: Grommet flush mount(PVC Grommet), screw mount(ABS flange)
(6)Connecting type: Wires, 2-pin plug, 2-prong plug
(7)Color: Red, Amber, Clear. Green and blue on request

(8)Voltage: 12, 24,10~30V
(9)Light Accessories:2 inch round PVC Grommet(IDA-20P),2 inch ABS Flange(IDA-20F)2-Pin plug(IDA-2P), 2-Prong plug(IDA-2K)

(10)Material:PC lens,Polycarbonate plastics housing

(11)Waterproof: IP67

(12)Application: 2 Inch Round Piranha LED 3 Diodes Side Marker Clearance Lights for use on Semi Trucks & Trailers, Service Trucks, Buses, Service Vans, Utility Trucks, Parade Floats, Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers, Pick Up Trucks, and Much More

(13)Lifespan: more than 30000hours


(15)Warranty:18 Months

Note:all lights can be made strobe flashing for special orders.

SKU of the products available


                                                                          Note:1.Green and Blue color is on request,but is not included in the table. 

                                                                                   2.You can also select 12v or 24v instead of 10-30v.


(1)Most advanced & cost effective 2" clearance &marker lamp;

(2)Low profile design reduces damage resulting from tree;

(3)High impact polycarbonate construction;

(4)Epoxy encapsulated electronics prevent damage from moisture & corrosion;

(5)Extremely resistant to shock & vibration.




About IDUN

       Here at IDUN Photoelectric, we offer reliable, longer-lasting products at a competitive price. By employing state of the art equipment, our manufacturing facilities are designed to produce high quality products. With a strong R&D team and well-formed quality control system we are able to maintain and deliver a high level of quality product. 

       IDUN Photoelectric is composed of a young team with passion and enthusiasm to make a difference. Our R&D members had a long working experience, and we know how to make quality lighting products based on DOT/SAE or ECE regulations, passing tests below:

-Photometric Test 

-Aging Test

-Vibration Test

-Temperature Test

-Air Tight Test

       Innovation, Quality, Customers Satisfaction & Serve to the society are the goals we are striving for. IDUN Photoelectric is dedicated to providing innovative products the deliver safety and value. 

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